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RAF Halton Recruit Pack


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The RAF Halton Recruit Pack is full of items that new RAF recruits need. All of your kit list, in one box, delivered straight to you.

The RAF Halton Recruit Pack is much cheaper than buying items one by one and it’s Ready to Deploy now!

RAF Halton Recruit Pack Unboxing Video:



RAF Halton Recruit Pack contents:

  • Energizer Pro Head Torch with Red Filter
    • 4 x replacement AAA Batteries
  • 3 x Karrimor SF Dry Bags
    • 1 x 90 litre
    • 2 x 12 litre
  • 2 x Selvyt Boot Polishing Cloths
  • 3 x Tins of Polish
    • 1 x 80g MOD Brown Leder Gris
    • 2 x 50ml Black Polish
  • 4 x Boot Polish Brushes
  • 20 x Wooden Hangers
    • 15 x shirt
      • 5 Shirt/Jacket
      • 10 Civilian clothes
    • 5 x trouser (clamp style)
  • Black Casio Watch
  • 6 x Combination padlocks with 6.2mm shackle
  • Sewing Kit
  • Alarm Clock
  • Free T-shirt (See Below)

What’s in the RAF Halton kit list?

Click here to compare the RAF Halton Recruit Pack with the RAF Halton Kit List 2014.

Exclusive Ready To Deploy Tee

Take a selfie with your Recruit Pack and upload it using the #ReadyToDeploy hashtag and we’ll send you this exlcusive Ready To Deploy tee.

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